Xbox One S Power Cord

The next describes the ability provide that comes with Xbox One S and unique Xbox One, together with information on placement, temperature, noise, and security.

Xbox One S Power Cord

Xbox One S and unique Xbox One include an exterior fan-assisted energy provide that measures 6.69 x 1.88 x 2.96 inches (about 17 x four.eight x 7.5 cm). The scale is identical within the 100-110V, 220-240V, and 100-240V variations.


Microsoft doesn’t license any non-Microsoft equipment that plug into the Xbox One energy socket. Utilizing any accent aside from the usual Xbox One energy provide might harm your Xbox and void your guarantee.

  • Xbox energy provides ought to be used solely within the areas the place they’re bought new. Do not use an influence provide constructed for a area whose energy necessities differ from the place you’re.
  • Do not use an unlicensed accent, similar to a non-Microsoft substitute energy provide, or any accent that plugs in-between your Xbox and its energy provide.
  • The Xbox energy provide incorporates a fuse to assist defend your console from energy surges and extreme voltage. This fuse can’t get replaced.

DC energy wire

The Xbox energy provide makes use of a hard-wired, direct-current (DC) energy wire that plugs instantly into the Xbox.

  • The DC energy wire is about three toes, 6 inches (1.1 meters) lengthy.
  • A proprietary energy connector is completely hooked up to the tip of the DC energy wire. This connector is designed particularly for energy sockets on Xbox One S and unique Xbox One.

AC energy wire

The ability provide connects to a wall socket utilizing a removable AC energy wire.

  • The AC energy wire is about 5 toes, 9 inches (1.2 meters) lengthy.
  • Utilizing an influence wire aside from the one designed in your energy provide might harm the ability provide and your Xbox.
  • The kind of plug that connects the ability wire to your electrical outlet will depend on the nation and area the place your Xbox was bought new.

The ability provide has a built-in cooling fan. The fan begins mechanically if you flip in your Xbox.

  • The fan ought to make a noticeable whirring sound typical of most cooling followers.
  • When your Xbox is in energy-saving mode or when it’s disconnected from its energy provide, the fan is turned off.
  • In case your Xbox energy mode is in Prompt-On, the ability provide and fan will stay turned on.
  • The fan pace will increase or decreases, together with the sound of the fan, as the ability provide modifications temperature.

To maintain the ability provide working extra effectively and safely:

  • Do not block the ability provide’s vents.
  • Do not go away the ability provide on a mattress, couch, or different mushy floor.
  • Be sure the ability provide has good air movement. Do not put it inside a bookcase, rack, or stereo cupboard until that house has good air flow.
  • Do not go away the ability provide close to warmth sources similar to a radiator, warmth register, range, or audio tools.
  • Do not stack digital units on high of the ability provide.
  • Place the ability provide horizontally so it sits flat on its rubber pads.

If noise from the ability provide appears extreme, the ability strip or surge protector it’s plugged into could also be overloaded. Plug your Xbox energy provide instantly right into a wall outlet as an alternative.

To attach the ability provide to your Xbox:

  1. Totally insert the DC energy wire into the console.
  2. Firmly plug the AC energy wire into the ability provide.
  3. Plug the opposite finish of the AC energy wire right into a wall outlet.

As with different electrical units, failure to take precautions can lead to extreme damage or dying from electrical shock or hearth. Not taking precautions also can harm your online game and your Xbox.

Acceptable precautions embrace the next:

  • Use solely the ability provide and energy wire included together with your Xbox or supplied by a certified restore middle. For those who want a substitute energy provide or energy wire, contact Xbox Support.
  • Be sure your electrical outlet is identical voltage (V) and frequency [Hz] of energy as proven on the ability provide. For those who’re unsure what sort of energy is provided to your house, ask a professional electrician.
  • Do not use non-standard energy sources similar to mills or inverters, even when the voltage and frequency seem right. Use solely AC energy from an ordinary wall outlet.
  • Do not overload your wall outlet, extension wire, energy strip, or different electrical receptacle. Affirm that these are rated to deal with the full present drawn by your Xbox (as proven on the ability provide), and by another units on the identical AC circuit.
  • Use a correctly grounded electrical outlet that accommodates the ability provide’s three-prong grounding plug. Don’t take away the grounding plug or use a grounding adapter that circumvents the grounding plug. If the plug doesn’t suit your outlet, have an electrician change the outlet.

To keep away from damaging the ability cords and the ability provide:

  • Forestall energy cords from being walked on.
  • Defend energy cords from being pinched or sharply bent, particularly the place they connect with the ability outlet, the ability provide, and your Xbox.
  • Do not jerk, knot, sharply bend, or in any other case mishandle energy cords.
  • Do not expose the ability cords to warmth sources.
  • Do not wrap energy cords across the energy provide.
  • Hold kids and pets away from the ability cords. Be sure they don’t chew or chew on the cords.
  • While you disconnect the ability cords, pull out by the plug, not the wire.
  • Do not let the ability provide hold suspended from both energy wire.
  • If an influence wire or the ability provide turns into broken in any manner, cease utilizing it instantly and make contact with Xbox Help for a substitute.
  • Unplug your Xbox throughout lightning storms or when it gained’t be used for some time.

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