Order Of Zelda Games

Order Of Zelda Games

  • Ocarina Of Time

Well, I don’t think it can be topped. That however, could be the nostalgia talker, as it was my first Zelda game. But, this game was revolutionary (as it introduced us to 3d zelda). Also the game is a great length (has many dungeons) and has a great atmosphere. Ganondorf is a brilliant villain in this game. The dungeons were very unique and very creative. I also felt the game had a good difficulty, in that it wasn’t too challenging, but not too easy at the same time either. Excellent music too. order of zelda games timeline

  • The Windwaker

At first I was dubious about the cell-shaded graphics, but I soon got used to them, and I was very glad I gave this game a go. Even though I thought this was by far the easiest one I’ve done, I still really enjoyed this game and actually found it very relaxing! The sea overworld in particular was relaxing, and the cell shaded graphics actually gave this game a great, unique feel. As I said, I found this game slightly easier than the other zelda games I’ve played, which kind of adds to the ‘relaxing’ feel of the game. The sailing was tedious though And gathering the Triforce charts/shards, Jesus, I hated that, it took forever. Constantly changing the wind was very tedious too But apart from those quibbles, this is a great, unique, fun, and a relaxing zelda game! A very fine game, just love it.  order of zelda games to play

  • Twilight Princess

I really enjoyed this game. From what I’ve read, it seems that this game is slightly underrated. I myself thought it was a sound entry to the Zelda series. It had a great, dark atmosphere, and very creative dungeons (Snowpeak ruins and city in the sky were brilliant). Great overworked, and again, a decent length (lots of dungeons to explore). Also the characters were great, particularly Midna and the rebel group, and the whole wolf concept was a great touch too. I did not enjoy the tears of light stuff, but most of this game really hit the nail for me. Also in places I found it challenging (in terms of the puzzles that is, NOT the combat, that was easy). Anyway, great game.  order of zelda ds games

  • Majora’s Mask

Majora’s Mask is a very decent game. The 3 day concept is excellent, and gives this game a unique feel like no other Zelda game. Out of the 5 I’ve played, I found this game probably the hardest. The dungeons in particular, I found more difficult (although collecting the stray fairies may have contributed to that). That boss in the great bay temple…. My god, that was THE hardest zelda boss, I have ever encountered. In contrast, I found the final boss measure to be extremely easy – although very fun to fight! I did NOT like the saving system – it was a huge pain in the arse. And was also a pain to keep going back in time, and depositing your ropes before you go back… Tedious and annoying. Also, how come, when you go back in time, you lose all your rupees, arrows etc, but you do NOT lose songs, weapons, boss remains etc? HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? But yes, the whole repeatedly going back in time stuff was confusing, and the inconvenient saving process was a pain, so that is probably why this game is 4th, as all that stuff gives it a tedious feel. Having said that though, this game is still excellent.

  • A Link To The Past

I finished this 2 days ago. I thought it was great. Yes, I was putting it last, but it’s hard to compare this to the other 4 Zeldas, I’ve played seeing as this is much older and in 2D. But for what it is, it was great. I thought it lacked story and character development though. But the gameplay was really cool. The only thing is, the flawed graphics (although probably good for it’s time) made the whole gameplay more frustrating than usual, for example, I personally got hit a lot more often than other zelda games because of the angle I was standing at etc etc, and so I kept dying for silly reasons, which frustrated the hell out of me. Another criticism is that I felt you never started off with enough hearts. Man, I did a lot in this game. And also, fairies only filled up 7 hearts – I was expecting them to fill the whole lot! So yeah, one of the hardest zelda games I’ve done. Still, though, great for it’s time.