When was the Christchurch casino built?

Christchurch Casino

Did Knyvett Sue Christchurch Casino?

Knyvett v Christchurch Casinos Ltd [1999] 2 NZLR 559 is a cited case in New Zealand regarding whether a contract illegal under statute, can be subsequently validated under the Illegal Contracts Act 1970.

Knyvett v Christchurch Casinos Ltd
Judge(s) sitting Blanchard, Gallen and Salmon JJ

Who is the owner of SkyCity?

Who owns the Adelaide casino?

Who owns Auckland Skytower?

What anniversary will SkyCity be celebrating in 2021?

On February 2nd 1996, SkyCity Auckland officially opened its doors to the public and to celebrate SkyCity will be hosting a free ’90’s themed Federal Street Party this Friday 29 January 2021, with a stellar line up of Kiwi artists from the era.

Can you wear a hat to the casino?

You can wear whatever you want in the casinos. There are no dress codes. Yeah.

What was Adelaide Casino before?

The casino is the 10th largest employer in South Australia, currently employing over 1100 staff members.

Adelaide Casino
Casino type Land
Owner Skycity Entertainment Group
Previous names Adelaide Casino (1985–2001), SkyCity Adelaide Casino (2001–2020)
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