What is the meaning of home and under 4 5 in betting?

What does under 4.5 goals mean?

Under 4.5 goals is a bet on a game having 4 or fewer goals scored in the match. … Again, all goals scored by both teams count towards the under 4.5 goals market, and you will need 4 or fewer goals in the match to win this bet.

What does under 4.5 means in soccer betting?

The meaning of under 4.5 goals when betting is that the game must have 4 goals or less to win. Put simply, if you backed under 4.5 goals in a football game you would win if the end result was one of the following: 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1, 2-0, 0-2, 2-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-0, 0-3, 3-1, 1-3, 4-0, 0-4.

What are 4.5 odds?

So, if you have odds of 4.5, this becomes 3.5/1, which you can turn into 7/2 by multiplying both sides by 2. To convert fractional odds into decimals, divide the first number by the second and add one, e.g. 7/2 +1 = 4.5.

What does over 5.5 corners mean?

Over 5.5 corners is a bet on the total of corners more than five and a half. Making such a prediction in the betting shop, the player tries to predict the amount of corners in the selected match, which must meet the total’s condition, that is, be more than 5.5.

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What does minimum time period with no goals under 4.5 mean?

“Minimum Period With No Goals Under 4.5 Minutes- NO” Simply Means: 1. First Goal Must Not Be Scored In First 4 Minutes From Kickoff. 2. Subsequent Goals Must Have 5 Minutes Interval.

What does 1.5 mean in betting?

Over 1.5 goals in a match mean that 2 or more goals are required to win the bet, and 0 or 1 goal means the bet loses. The over 1.5 goals market applies to 90-minute matches (plus additional time) but does not include extra time.

What is over 2.5 in betting?

The over 2.5 goals market means that you are betting that the total number of goals scored during the match plus stoppage time will be over 2.5. You will win only if both teams score three or more goals during the game. … If the game’s score is 1-1, 0-0, or 1-0, you will lose the bet.

What’s over 0.5 goals mean?

Over 0.5 goals is a bet on a game having 1 or more goals scored in 90 minutes (plus additional time). Goals scored by either team count towards this betting market, and this bet will only lose if the game finishes goalless (0-0).

What do odds 16 5 mean?

This means that out of 21 possible outcomes, odds are that there will be 16 of one kind of outcome and 5 of another kind of outcome. For every 21, odds are that 16 will be a particular event and 5 will be another event.

What is under over 3.5 goals?

Over/Under 3.5 Goals Explained

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Put simply, over/under 3.5 goals is a bet on the total number of goals in the match (both teams) and cover the 90 minutes and additional time. Over 3.5 goals is a bet on 4 or more goals in a game, while under 3.5 goals is a bet on 3 or fewer goals in a match.

What is the meaning of under 3.5 in bet9ja game?

5 or UNDER 3.5: Under 3.5 meaning is that you are placing your bet on a match that there will be less than four goals scored by the two squads combined by the end of the match, that is, three goals combined or less by the end of the match.

What does over 2.5 3 goals mean?

2.5 means your bet either wins or loses. Over 3 means if there are 3 goals you get your stake refunded, so you need at least 4 goals to win.