Lego Marvel Avengers Sets

Lego Marvel Avengers Sets

This Isn’t surprising, but it seems like there’ll be LEGO, Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity Warsets coming next year to coincide with the film premiering in theaters. LEGO has been publishing collections for every single picture from the Marvel Cinematic Universe beginning with The Avengers around Thor: Ragnarok that comes out in a month or two. The movie, which didn’t possess a LEGO collection tie-in has been Thor: The Dark World. lego marvel avengers sets 2016

Thanos will probably be if he will use the Exact Same mold as in or a Minifigure recolored. I’ve a feeling because LEGO has already gotten the mood And usually bigger characters. lego marvel avengers sets 2017

lego marvel avengers sets 2015


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