Your question: Is Gun Lake casino on Indian land?

The primary tribal enterprise is the Gun Lake Casino. The first phase was built in 2009 on part of the 147 acres in Allegan County, Michigan that the tribe was given in January 2009 as a land base by the federal government. It generated 750 jobs during construction.

Is Gun Lake Casino Indian owned?

About Gun Lake Casino

Gun Lake Casino is owned by the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians and is operated by the Tribe’s management partner, MPM Enterprises, LLC, owned by an affiliate of Station Casinos, Inc. and private investors from Michigan. For more information, visit

What road is Gun Lake Casino on?

— The Gun Lake Tribe will pay for the majority of a redesign coming to the US-131 and M-179 highway interchange near the casino in a partnership with the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Is Gun Lake closing?


“We have been working quickly to adapt to the growing Coronavirus pandemic. It is important for us to remain in touch with our guests, team members, and our entire community, especially now during these uncertain times.

What is the Potawatomi tribe known for?

The Potawatomi continued to ally themselves with the French, as did other tribes from Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region. They fought in many famous battles of the war, such as Braddock’s Defeat in Pennsylvania in 1755 and the infamous Massacre of Fort William Henry in New York in 1757.

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Why is it called Gun Lake?

Gun Lake is located in the Yankee Springs Recreation Area, named after early white settler “Yankee Bill” Lewis, who came to the area in 1836 and established a stagecoach trail and the Mansion House hotel.

Where is the Gun Lake tribe located?

The Gun Lake Tribe owns and operates the Gun Lake Casino located in Wayland, MI. Gun Lake Casino is home to over 2,000 slot machines, 42 varying table games, several dining options, multiple bars and the friendliest team members around.

Is Gun Lake Casino open 24 hours?

The 156,000-square-foot gaming floor at Gun Lake Casino is open 24 hours. It features more than 2,000 slots and 47 table games. There is a variety of slots, video poker and keno machines, plus the most popular and latest trends in table gaming, along with a sportsbook.

Is Gun Lake serving alcohol?

All dining/drinking amenities would close, including Harvest Buffet, Sandhill Café, Grab-n-Go and all Bars and alcohol service. Beverage stations for coffee, soda, and water would remain open with full service from Gun Lake Casino Team Members.