What perspective is the lottery ticket?

“The Lottery” is narrated from the third-person objective point of view. The omniscient narrator who reports the story in an objective way without commenting on it.

In what tone does the narrator tell the story the lottery ticket?

The tone of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” may be described as moving from tranquil to apprehensive and disturbing. The narrator’s tone in telling the story is objective and detached.

What is the resolution of the story the lottery ticket?

Resolution: Tessie gets stoned to death by the villagers! She is the traditional sacrifice for that harvest season. lottery – she gets the piece of paper with the black dot!

Which literary device is used in the story the lottery ticket?

The figurative language throughout the story includes simile, personification, and hyperbole. Chekhov use of simile can be seen in his description of Ivan’s smile. He quotes, ”Ivan Dmitritch gave a broad, senseless smile, like a baby when a bright object is shown it” (Chekhov, 2004).

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What is the climax in the lottery ticket?

In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, the climax is when Tessie is declared the “winner,” the falling action includes the townspeople gathering around her and stoning her, and the resolution is when the town’s life returns to normal.

What is the main problem of The Lottery Ticket?

The conflict in “The Lottery Ticket” is first whether or not Ivan and his wife will win. But more importantly, the conflict becomes Ivan’s thoughts on what to do with the winnings versus his wife’s hopes. Although the conflicts are different, Ruben, and Ivan and his wife, end up with mostly internal conflicts.

What is the conclusion of The Lottery?

The infamous conclusion of The Lottery, in which the “winner” of the titular lottery is stoned to death as a sacrifice to nature and the harvest, comes as a shock to the reader, since there has been little-to-no information about the purpose of the lottery itself.

What is the plot of The Lottery Ticket?

“The Lottery Ticket” is a short story by Anton Chekhov about a middle-class couple that believes they have won the lottery. Ivan Dmitritch is skeptical of his wife spending money on lottery tickets and believes she is wasting money on them. However, he agrees to read the winning numbers to her.

Who is a hero of the lottery ticket?

But by the end of the story, the clear protagonist is Tessie Hutchinson.

Is the name of husband in the story the lottery ticket?

Bill Hutchinson

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Tessie’s husband. Bill first draws the marked paper, but he picks a blank paper during the second drawing.

What is the theme of the lottery ticket?

In “The Lottery Ticket”, Chekhov develops the theme that the love of money can destroy one’s satisfaction.