Question: What happens if a bet is unmatched?

An unmatched bet means that the price you wanted to bet at has gone and your lay wasn’t taken. A partially matched bet is when only some of your lay was taken before the lay price changed, leaving part of it matched and part of it unmatched.

How do I fix an unmatched bet?

How to fix an Unmatched Bet

  1. Click ‘cancel unmatched bets above’ – the grey box in the bottom left corner of the betslip (on Smarkets, this is the red cross).
  2. Go back to the calculator and re-enter the lay odds to display what they’re now showing on the exchange.
  3. Place your lay bet as normal with the new stake amount.

What happens if a bet is partially matched?

Partially Matched Bets

A ‘partially matched’ bet means that you have been able to get some of your stake or liability matched, but another part of it is yet to be matched. For example, you have tried to Back Queensland in State of Origin for $100 at odds of $2.

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What happens if a bet is unmatched smarkets?

Bets need to be matched in order to stand. Once a bet has been matched, it cannot be cancelled. … The unmatched portion can either be cancelled manually in the ‘Your Bets’ section, or will be cancelled automatically the next time the market halts.

How do I cancel an unmatched bet on Betfair?

This is easy to deal with. An exchange will let you cancel unmatched bets. Simply press ‘Cancel unmatched above’ (Betfair, below left) or select the bet and click on the ‘x’ (Smarkets, below right).

How do I stop unmatched bets?

The best way to avoid having unmatched or partially matched bets is to check that there is plenty of money in the market before you choose that particular selection, ideally at least double the amount.

What is an unmatched bet smarkets?

The Smarkets ‘keep bets in-play‘ feature allows users to leave their unmatched bets live once the market goes in-play – giving them more opportunity to be matched at the price they’ve requested. Normally unmatched bets are automatically cancelled when the market is halted just before going in-play.

Can I change my bet on Betfair?

No. Once Betfair has confirmed your bet placement, you will not be able to change the terms of that bet or cancel or withdraw from that bet under any circumstances. Acceptance of your bet by Betfair concludes the bet.

What is partially matched Nrmp?

That way, if you do not match into your advanced specialty, you can still match into a PGY-1 position and move forward with your medical training. This is called a partial match.

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Why is a bet void?

Void bets are something that happen quite a lot in sports such as horse racing. A void bet means your bet has been cancelled for some legitimate reason, making it null and void. If you’d placed a bet with real money, rather than a free bet or bonus money, this means you will get your stake returned in most cases.

Why did smarkets cancel my bet?

Smarkets will void any bets where the outcome cannot be reasonably determined. Common reasons for the voiding of bets include: … Bets placed after the outcome has already been determined. Bets matched during the pending period following a material event (when managed by Instant Match).

Why did bet365 void my bet?

bet365 reserves the right to void any bet/wager which may have inadvertently been accepted when the account did not have sufficient funds to cover the bet/wager.

Can you cancel a lay bet?

If your bet is not fully matched, you can cancel all or part of your bet depending on the bet status.

How do you cash out on Betfair?

You can Cash Out on lots of sports including football, horse racing and tennis. Simply hit the yellow ‘Take’ button to Cash Out your bet. Look out for our orange Cash Out symbol on your betslip on desktop and mobile.

What is a keep bet?

For the avoidance of doubt this means that (for example) when a event (goal, penalty or a red card) occurs in a soccer match and other unmatched bets are cancelled before the market is reopened, a ‘keep’ bet will not be cancelled.

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