You asked: Can you play the lottery online in NH?

Can you buy lottery tickets online NH?

Play Online with New Hampshire iLottery! Buy your Powerball, Mega Millions, and Tri-State Gimme 5 online with NH iLottery! … Powerball, Mega Millions, Tri-State Megabucks, Lucky For Life, Tri-State Gimme 5, Pick 3, Pick 4, Fast Play and scratch tickets are on sale at more than 1,400 locations across New Hampshire.

Does NH lottery have an app?

New Hampshire Lottery

Keep track of it all with our mobile lottery app!

Can you play the lottery over the Internet?

With some states like California and Texas, you can turn to an online service. Essentially, you’re paying someone else to get your ticket. … When in doubt, buy your own lottery tickets at a retail counter.

Can you buy lottery tickets with a debit card in NH?

Yes! A retailer can take payment from a player with a debit or credit card at their own discretion. The New Hampshire Lottery does not have any restrictions on this. … You will need to contact the Lottery, 603-271-3391.

Can you buy Ma lottery tickets online?

Register your NEW Season Tickets using our online form. Mass Cash is a $1 wager and is drawn 7 days a week. Currently, tickets can be purchased in 3-month and 6-month increments.

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What is a lottery subscription?

Subscriptions allow you to setup your favourite games to play automatically when and how you want – they are the easiest way of playing lotto online!

Did anyone win NH Powerball?

The New Hampshire Lottery confirmed that a $1 million Powerball ticket was sold at Winners Corner on Mast Road in Manchester for Saturday night’s drawing. … The winning numbers were 1, 5, 29, 54 and 62 with a Powerball of 3. Wednesday’s estimated Powerball jackpot is now $137 million.

What lottery drawing is tonight in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire Lottery Drawing Schedule

Game Sun Wed
Gimme 5 7:00 PM
Tri-State Megabucks Plus 7:59 PM
Lucky for Life 10:38 PM 10:38 PM
Powerball 10:59 PM

Is buying lottery tickets online legal?

There is no difference between playing a lottery online or buying a ticket in a store, and when you play online, the same lottery game is played with the same rules and prizes. It is legal to buy online lottery tickets as long as the website has a license.

Can you buy lottery tickets with credit card?

Although it’s technically not prohibited to buy lottery tickets with a credit card in these states, many state legislatures have complicated the matter. You can still be barred from purchasing lottery tickets if a specific merchant decides they don’t want to accept credit card payments for lottery tickets.