Who won the Massachusetts lottery?

Who won the Mass Millions?

Baker announced last week that Darrell Washington, of Weymouth, a case worker for Blue Cross Blue Shield, had won $1 million; and that Daniela Maldonado, a student from Chelsea, won a $300,000 scholarship.

Did anyone win Mega Millions Massachusetts?

Charles Drum won the $1 million Mega Millions prize on March 26. Drum’s Quic Pic ticket matched the first five numbers of those selected in the multi-state game’s drawing. He claimed his prize at Massachusetts State Lottery headquarters in Dorchester and received a one-time payment of $1,000,000 before taxes.

Did anyone win Mega Millions last night in Massachusetts?

There was no jackpot winner for the Mega Millions jackpot drawing on Friday either. The next drawing, which is estimated to be for $242 million, is on Tuesday at 11 p.m. Other lottery winners from across the state were announced in the past few months. … State Lottery’s “$1,000,000 Cash Wheel” instant ticket game.

Are 2 numbers worth anything in Mega Millions?

Yes, if you match two Mega Millions numbers during the drawing, this means that you will walk away with some money, but you won’t win the jackpot. However, you will only win some money if you matched a yellow ball and a white ball. Matching two white balls won’t get you any winnings.

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What mass lottery ticket has the best odds?

The overall chance of winning a prize in Supreme Millions is 1 in 2.79, the best odds offered in Massachusetts Lottery history. The new game’s overall prize payout of 80.7 percent represents the highest payout percentage offered by the Mass. Lottery, matching only that of World Class Millions.

How much tax do you pay on lottery winnings in Massachusetts?

Taxes On Lottery Winnings By State 2021

State Taxes on Lottery Winnings
Louisiana 5.00%
Maine 5.00%
Massachusetts 5.00%
Nebraska 5.00%

Where can I cash a winning lottery ticket?

You can redeem a winning ticket from any type of lottery game to an authorized retailer when your prize is less than $600. Authorized retailers include stores and other establishments that sell lottery tickets in your state such as, convenience or grocery stores.

What Ma lottery is tonight?

Game Schedule

Game Sun Wed
The Numbers Game Evening 7:57 p.m. 7:57 p.m.
Mass Cash 10:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m.
Megabucks Doubler 11:00 p.m.
Powerball 10:59 p.m.

What are the newest scratch tickets in Massachusetts?

BOSTON (WHDH) – The Massachusetts State Lottery has launched four new scratch ticket games — all of which officially went on sale on Tuesday.

  • Cash in a Flash, a $10 ticket that carries a top prize of $1 million, …
  • Emerald 8s is a new $5 ticket with a $1 million top prize.

Where can I cash a Massachusetts lottery ticket?

Prizes up to and including $600 may be claimed at any Lottery agent location or Lottery Office. You do not need proof of identification for prizes less than $600.

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Do you win money if you have 1 number in Mega Millions?

Unfortunately, if you only matched one white number on the Mega Millions drawing, you did NOT win any money. If the only number matched was the yellow Mega Ball number itself, then you’ll win $2.

What if you get the Mega Ball only?

What happens if you match the Mega Ball only? If you match only the Mega Ball (and don’t match any of the 5 regular numbers), you win a $2 prize and break even on the $2 cost of your Mega Millions ticket.

What is a lucky dip?

What is Lucky Dip? Lucky Dip basically means that instead of choosing your own lottery numbers, you leave it to chance. So, if you’re not superstitious or don’t have a set of lucky numbers, it can be a quick way to play without needing to select lottery numbers.