Who won the last gamble in Kakegurui?

Terano told Rei to let off, so Rei apologized and went back to Terano. After the game, he informed the others of the bet between Itsuki Sumeragi and Terano, and announced Terano as the winner of this bet. Itsuki had to pay her 150 votes.

Who wins the auction in Kakegurui?

Rei Batsubami is the auctioneer and Inaho Yamato is to be the Election Committee monitor. The bidding for the first lot goes quickly, with Saotome winning on a bid of 80 votes, however the unseen sponsor collected 130 votes from the bids. The second round goes to Nishinotoin, again with a winning bid of 80 votes.

What happens at the end of Kakegurui?

If Yumeko loses, she’d be banished from her family, whereas Rei’s defeat would make her a house pet yet again. Yumeko ultimately wins the coin toss along with the money. … Yumeko, on the other hand, continues gambling for the fun of it, and ends up losing the majority of her vote chips in the process.

How tall is Yumeko?

Approximately 435mm (17.12 inches) in height.

Did REI become Jabami?

Presumably, Rei’s new surname is Jabami — to honor Yumeko Jabami’s sister, but this has yet to be confirmed officially.

Does Yumeko become a house pet?

Due to incurring a debt of 310 million yen, Yumeko Jabami became a pet causing her fellow classmates treat her as trash and received the ‘Life Plan’. Mary Saotome also receives the ‘Life Plan’ to which she completely rejects but knows to rid of it she needs money.

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Do Ryota and Yumeko get together?

After leaving the basement, Ryota reunites with Yumeko and notices that she’s upset about the game.

Did Yumeko lose fingers?

Erimi Mushibami offers Yumeko Jabami and Midari Ikishima an opportunity to gamble where they choose from a selection of strings to cut, but risk having a finger chopped off by a guillotine.