What time is the Hoosier Lottery drawing tonight?

Drawings happen every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday around 11:00 PM ET.

What are the winning Hoosier Lotto numbers?

Latest Numbers

Game Result
Hoosier Lotto Saturday, Sep 11, 2021 Lotto 5 6 16 19 33 34 +PLUS 16 19 20 25 35 42
Powerball Saturday, Sep 11, 2021 Main Draw 20 31 38 40 49 21 PB Power Play: x2 Double Play 7 39 54 64 67 11 PB
Mega Millions Friday, Sep 10, 2021 20 32 35 47 64 18 MB Megaplier: x2

How do you win Hoosier Lotto?

Simply ask for a Mega Millions Quick Pick or use a playslip to select up to 5 white ball numbers from 1-70 and one Mega Ball from 1-25. You can also use the myPLAYSLIP feature in the Hoosier Lottery app. Add Megaplier for just $1 more for a chance to win up to 5X non-jackpot prizes.

How many numbers do you need to win Indiana Quick Draw?

To win the top prize, the 10 numbers on your ticket must match 10 of the 20 numbers that are drawn.

Does 2 numbers win on Hoosier Lotto?

Hoosier Lotto players select six numbers between 1 and 46. Matching two of the six numbers wins a free ticket, matching three numbers is worth at least $2, four numbers pays at least $20, five numbers are good for $500 and six numbers win the jackpot.

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What gas station sells the most winning lottery tickets in Indiana?

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A Summit City gas station has earned the unofficial title of Luckiest Spot in the city for lottery payouts. Using the Hoosier Lottery database, WANE 15 was able to track down the retailer that scored the most wins of $1,000 or more in 2020.

Where was the winning Hoosier Lotto ticket sold?

The winning ticket was purchased at Lassus Bros. Oil #32, located at 12010 US Highway 24 W in Fort Wayne. The winning Hoosier Lotto numbers for Saturday, August 14 are 8-18-27-31-36-42.

How much is a Hoosier Lottery ticket?

Get Your Ticket

Purchase your $2 Powerball ticket at any participating retailer. Choose your numbers using a paper playslip or build a digital myPlayslip on the Hoosier Lottery app. For random number selection, ask for a Quick Pick.

What time and channel is Lotto draw tonight?

Watch the draw on TV

Saturday Lotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto and Powerball draws can be seen on 7TWO at approximately 8:30pm AEST on the night of the official draw. Set for Life results for each daily draw can be seen on Channel 7 and 7TWO at approximately 9:45pm AEST every night.

What time is the 20 million drawing tonight?

Superdraw draw time

Lotto’s Superdraw Saturday closes at 7:30pm (AEST) on the night of the draw. The draw takes place shortly after.