What happened to Watson’s dad in the lottery?

The Watsons and the Dunbars are both intriguing because Jackson specifies that their family arrangements break the father-as-head-of-the-family-drawing-the-lottery-papers norm. Similarly, the Watson family appears to be missing its father: the Watson boy must draw for his mother. …

What happened to the Watson boys father in the lottery?

The villagers must know that they last year they stoned to death the Watson boy’s father, but they leave it unspoken and paper over it with weak praises of the son. It is as if they are ashamed to remember.

Why did they kill Tessie in the lottery?

Just as the villagers in “The Lottery” blindly follow tradition and kill Tessie because that is what they are expected to do, people in real life often persecute others without questioning why. As Jackson suggests, any such persecution is essentially random, which is why Tessie’s bizarre death is so universal.

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Who is Mrs Dunbar?

Clyde Dunbar’s wife and the only woman to draw in the lottery. Husbands, as the heads of households, draw for their families. A grown son might also take on this role, but the Dunbars’ children are too young.

Why did Mrs Hutchinson start complaining?

Hutchinson start complaining? Mrs. Hutchinson started complaining that they didn’t give Bill enough time to pick the paper he wanted. She did this because she was panicking that he selected the marked paper.

Why is Mrs Hutchinson upset?

Hutchinson upset? Mrs. Hutchinson is upset when she draws the slip of paper with the black spot because this indicates that she has “won” the lottery, meaning she will become the town’s annual sacrifice.

What happens to Mrs Hutchinson at the end?

The woman selected by the lottery to be sacrificed, she is stoned to death by the villagers at the very end of the story. … Her casual attitude as she jokes with her neighbors changes dramatically when the Hutchinson family is selected in the lottery.

How old is Tessie Hutchinson?

Tessie Hutchinson was born about 1892. In 1940, she was 48 years old and lived in Milford, Iowa.

Tessie Hutchinson in the 1940 Census.

Age 48, born abt 1892
Race White
Home in 1940 Milford, Crawford, Iowa
Household Members Age
Head Francis Hutchinson 68

How does Bill Hutchinson react when he gets it?

Bill should be as distraught as Tessie, as he knows he or a member of his family will be killed. However, he seems embarrassed by Tessie’s reaction and more concerned with his family’s compliance than their actual well-being.

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Did Tessie get killed in the lottery?

The unlucky loser of the lottery. Tessie draws the paper with the black mark on it and is stoned to death.

Why does Mrs Hutchinson say that the lottery drawing is unfair?

Hutchinson say that the lottery drawing is unfair? … She arrives too late to draw a slip of paper. She knows the result of the lottery is bad. She wants her friend to have another chance.

What is the moral lesson in the lottery?

In “The Lottery,” the moral lesson or theme is that one should not blindly follow traditions simply because they’re tradition.

Why is Mrs Dunbar allowed to draw for her husband?

Mrs. Dunbar has to draw because her boy, Horace, is sixteen and too young. Where is her husband? … Similarly, the Watson family appears to be missing its father: the Watson boy must draw for his mother.

Why did everyone sigh when Little Dave’s paper was blank?

Why did everyone sigh when little Dave’s paper was blank? Everyone sighed because little Dave is only a child and his life was practically spared from being stoned to death. The villagers are holding the annual lottery that will choose one person to become a human sacrifice.

Who was Mr Martin’s oldest son?

The Lottery Characters

  • Mr. …
  • The Delacroix Family. …
  • The Watsons and the Dunbars. …
  • Mrs. Graves. …
  • Mr. (Bill) Hutchinson. …
  • The Hutchinson Children. The Hutchinson children are named Bill, Jr., Nancy, and Dave. …
  • Baxter Martin. Baxter is the oldest son in the Martin family.
  • Mr. and Mrs.
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