Quick Answer: What is a combination forecast bet?

A combination forecast aims to pick the first and second-placed finishers in an event in any order using three to six selections. The number of bets involved increases from six to 30 depending on the number of selections.

How does a combination forecast work?

A combination forecast bet allows the bettor to select between three and six participants in a race and state that any combination of these participants will finish in the top two. For example, a bettor may wish to place a combination forecast bet on three selections. This means that there are six bets being placed.

What is a combination Tricast bet?

A tricast bet predicts the first, second and third finishers in an event in correct order, whereas combination forecasts pick the 1-2-3 in any order.

What’s the difference between a combination Tricast and forecast?

Straight forecast: A straight forecast or SF is composed of two selections and is a single bet prediction of 1st and 2nd in the correct order. … Combination tricast: A combination tricast or CT is composed of a number of selections and is a prediction for your selections to finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in any order.

How much is a combination forecast?

A Combination Forecast consists of 4 bets that requires you to predict which selections will finish 1st and 2nd in any order. It costs 4 times more than a straight forecast.

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How do you calculate a Tricast combination?

Combination Tricast Bet

  1. The first bet is placed on Horse 1 to finish in first place, Horse 5 to finish in second place, and Horse 6 to finish in third place;
  2. The second bet is placed on Horse 1 to finish in first place, Horse 6 to finish in second place and Horse 5 to finish in third place;

What’s the difference between a trifecta and a Tricast?

is that tricast is (british) a specific kind of horse race betting, made by choosing the first three horses home in the correct order or tricast can be the simultaneous broadcasting of an audio via fm, web streaming and podcasting used in radio stations while trifecta is (us|australia|new zealand) a bet in which the

How do you do a Tricast bet?

A tricast bet asks you to predict who will come first, who will come second and who will come third in a race (in that particular order). To place a tricast bet, beneath the ‘Forecast & Tricast’ heading select the Horse or Greyhound you predict to finish 1st by selecting the ‘1st’ box under the ‘Tricast‘ heading.

What is a Trixie bet?

A Trixie bet consists of four bets of equal value on three selections in separate events: three doubles and one treble. … It’s most often used in horse racing betting.

What is a Lucky 15 bet?

A Lucky 15 consists of 15 bets of equal value on selections in four separate events: four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold accumulator. … The doubles, trebles and four-fold ensure that with each additional winner your returns can jump significantly as the various multiple bets come into play.

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What is a combined horse bet?

A combination bet consists of multiple bets on a series of selections. Typically the same stake is placed for each of the bets.