How do I deposit money on BET 254?

How do I deposit money into my OdiBets account?

To deposit money in your OdiBets account is easy.

  1. Go to the Mpesa menu on your phone, and transfer money using the OdiBets Paybill number 290680 use account number ODI or your name.
  2. Your OdiBets account will be credited automatically. …
  3. You are now ready to play.

How do I register for BET 254?

How to register on bet254

  1. Open the bet254 website from your phone or PC browser.
  2. Open the registration window.
  3. Enter your phone number and create a password.
  4. Accept terms and conditions.
  5. Verify your account.

How do I deposit money on BET lion?

Login to your betlion account and click on DEPOSIT on the top left corner of the site. Enter the amount you would like to deposit and click “DEPOSIT” to confirm. You will receive an approval request (PIN Prompt) on your mobile phone to enter your Mobile Money PIN.

Is Bet 254 genuine?

bet254 is licensed by the National Gaming Board of Kenya. License no – BK 0000119. bet254’s goal is to become the best and largest online sports betting business in Kenya.

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How much does Odibet charge to deposit?

Offer on First Deposit

The bookmaker Odibet has an offer where their new and existing customers get cash refunds on their first deposit into their accounts every new day. This is done for deposits of Kshs. 49 and above. This offer encourages more users to place a bet daily.

Is there cash out in Odibet?

Cash out is available on all events, fixtures and markets both pre-match, live betting, single and multiple bets. Any stake amount can qualify for a cash out. Cash out is available across all online channels: Browser, mobile app and desktop.

Is there cash out in bet254?

It’s easy to Cashout on bet254. To get your first offer, go to My Bets on the menu after placing your bets. Open any bet slip with the Cashout symbol, click Cashout and you’ll be given an offer. If you choose to Confirm, that amount will instantly be credited to your account.

Can you cash out in bet254?

When is Cashout available? From the second you place a bet to it being settled, you can Cashout at any time. … Each bet can only be cashed out once, but you can Cashout as many bets as you want, and Cashout is available no matter how much you stake.

How do you play bet 254 jackpot?

Make a selection (home win, draw, away win) for all matches on a ticket. You can choose to create one or more tickets, each consisting of a minimum of at least one selection in each match. The price for one single selection ticket is Kshs 5 for the Million Jackpot and Kshs. 10 for the 25.4 Jackpot.

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What is BangBet?

BangBet is Kenya’s favourite betting services company. Rambo Source Limited owns the betting services, and it is licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board under the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act 1966. … The company has web pages and applications for smartphones to use in accessing the betting services.

How do I bet on Betlion via SMS?

How to Play Betlion Daily Jackpot via SMS

  1. Credit your Safaricom line with at least Ksh5. You may incur transaction costs when placing your best.
  2. Betlion daily jackpot contains 8 games and bet amount is Ksh 20. Pick your answers and send them to 40418 by writing the following message: JP#your result and send to 40418.

How do you play Betlion daily jackpot?

In order to qualify for the Jackpot, Players need to correctly predict the outcome of 8 designated matches for Daily Jackpot, 15 designated matches for Midweek Jackpot and 20 designated matches for Goliath Jackpot.In making the selection, Players are required to select the outcome of 8 matches (Daily Jackpot), 15 …