Zelda Medallions



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Zelda Medallions

All These are the six Exceptional Medallions Which These are talented to Link after he awakens among those Sages out of their various temples. After Link has accumulated all of the medallions and awakened every one of the Sages, the Sages subsequently use their capability to make a bridge that allows Link accessibility to Ganon’s Castle. zelda medallions ocarina of time

  • Light Medallion. This is the Medallion Link receives from the sport. It’s Given to him straight after he pulls on the Master Sword in the Temple of Time from the Sage of Light Rauru.
  • Forest Medallion,This is actually the next Medallion which Link receives from Ocarina of Time. She presents Link together with the Forest Medallion. Fire Medallion
  • The Fire Medallion, is the Medallion Link receives from the game. It’s talented to Link by Darunia once He’s navigated via the Fire Temple and conquered the evil inside, Volvagia.
  • Water Medallion. The Medallion which Link receives would be the Water Medallion. It’s awarded to Link after He’s finished the Water Temple, from the Sage of Water Ruto.
  • Shadow Medallion. Here is the penultimate Medallion which Link receives from Ocarina Of Time. It’s gifted to him from the Sage of Shadow Impa once He’s finished the Shadow Temple.
  • Spirit Medallion. The Spirit Medallion is the Medallion Link receives. It’s
  • It can be retrieved through the Dark World utilizing the Magic Mirror.
  • Locate a line of bets against the cliff at the Dark World. Use the mirror to twist beneath the cliff from the Light World in which you’ll discover the Hylian Plaque.
  • Use: The Bombos Medallion is a potent magical medallion which employs the ability of flame and explosions to kill all of the enemies onscreen. It’s never required to use, however, is an enjoyable ability to wield. It utilizes Magic Power so observe your Magic Meter.
  • It’s crucial to access Misery Mire. The Ether Medallion utilizes up Magic Powerwatch your Magic Meter.
  • Throw something into the group of stones to create a fish that is mad and big look. He’ll provide you the Quake Medallion for leaving him alone in exchange.
  • Connect to stab at his sword to the floor, causing a Earthquake in The surrounding regions, turning even powerful enemies (exept Bosses) to slime. It’s crucial to obtain access to Turtle Rock. The Quake Medallion utilizes up Magic Powerwatch your Magic Meter.

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