Warcraft Movie Leak

Warcraft Movie Leak

Duncan Jones, the Manager of This Forthcoming Warcraft film from Legendary and Blizzard Entertainment, has reacted to this week’s escape of what seemed like a trailer for its dream movie. The movie, even in its own grainy and shaky shape, was rather striking, causing some fans to inquire why Legendary simply does not launch the official model right now rather than in November. warcraft movie leaked footage

Jones reacted on Twitter. After a couple flaws, Warcraft opens in theatres on June 2016. The film combines live-action and special effects achieved by acclaimed Star Wars studio Industrial Light & Magic. Overall, Jones, formerly explained Warcraft as “Avatar and Lord of the Rings at the same time.” For more, take a look at the movie’s cast here. warcraft movie leak sdcc

Warcraft Isn’t the only video game film In development at this time. You will find over 18 Movies now in production, such as one predicated on.

Warcraft movie leaked trailer

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