How Big Is World Of Warcraft

How Big Is World Of Warcraft

Run right to get a minute at the Goldshire, measured the map distance is 4 cm. The distance of the bridge in the west into the west mountain is 26 cm (in the game map), which breadth equals 6.5 minutes multiply his running speed. how big is world of warcraft map, how big is world of warcraft download, how big is world of warcraft map in miles


  • East to West 38 km
  • North into South 25 km
  • Area is 38 * 25 = 950 km.
  • And overall maps have disregarded the continent between sea, big storm center, etc.
  • Some neither scale the very same outcomes.
  • Contemplating Both continents are nearly the Identical size, We can believe the world of warcraft’s Most Important activity areas (including overseas) is 320 square km
  • 950 kilometers’ map.
  • If Paladins isn’t right, in addition, it may be re- calculate using the speed that is newer.
  • Anyhow, 320 km, is a terrific location that is broad.

Here are some comparison dimensions:

  • The Tsinghua University campus is 2 * 2 = 4 km, equals the area of the Elwynn Forest area
  • Pingyao ancient town is 2 * 2 = 4 km
  • The town of XI ‘A is 44

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