Final Fantasy 7 Characters

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Final Fantasy 7 Characters

Final Fantasy 7 Characters

Final fantasy 7 characters names

Final fantasy 7 characters guide

Final fantasy 7 characters ages



Buster Sword equipping [2L] /[Typical]

-[Preliminary equipping]

-[Calm, Decrease Junon Outlets @ 1000 Gil]

Hard-edge: [2L + 2U] /[Typical]

-[Shinra Bldg (slip from SOLDIER: [Third)] /[Higher Junon, Gongaga Outlets @ 1,500 Gil]

Butterfly Edge: [4L] /[Typical]

-[Cosmo Canyon Store @ 2,800 Gil]

Boost Immune: [8L] /[Typical]

-[Gaea’s Cliff] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 12,000 Gil]

-[Icicle Inn Store @ 12,000 Gil]

-[Model Store @ 18,000 Gil]

Drive Stealer: [3U] /[Dual]

-[Junon Armed Forces Deliver Away (large score)] /[North Corel Store @ 2,200 Gil]

-[Mt. Nibel] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 3,800 Gil]

-[Wutai Store @ 6,500 Gil]

Nail Bat [Not] -[Temple of this

Yoshiyuki: as Soon as an ally sword can be utilized Is down [2U] /[Regular]

-[Rocket city (older male outside product store)]

Apocalypse: [3U] /[Resistance]

-[Historical Forest]


Ragnarok: [6L] /[Typical]

-[Midgar Sector 8 (conquer Happy Clod)]

Ultima Weapon [8L] /[Whatever] -[Cosmo Region (conquer Supreme Weapon)]

Restrict BREAKS:

1-Braver: Assaults 1 competitor

1-Cross-slash: Assaults and paralyzes One Particular competitor

2-Blade Beam: Diffuses Right after hitting one competitor

2-Climhazzard: Assaults 1 competitor

3-Meteorain: Attacks all competitions

3-Finishing Twist: Blows away all competitions

4-Omnislash: Slices up all of competitions [Gold Saucer Battle Square]




Gatling Gun equip. Long Selection Weapon [1U] /[Normal]

-[Original equipping]

Assault Gun range weapon [2L] /[Typical]

-[Midgar No. Inch Reactor (conquer Shield Scorpion)] /[Sector 7, Wall Current Market Outlets @ 350 Gil]

Cannonball: [2L + 1U] /[Standard]

-[Calm, Decrease Junon, Higher Junon Outlets @ 950 Gil]

Scissors: [2L + 2U] /[Typical]

-[Midgar Spot (sneaks in Custom Made Sweeper)] /[Higher Junon, Gongaga, (Disc 2: Lower Junon) Outlets @ 1,400 Gil]

Substantial Vulcan range weapon [4L] /[Typical]

-[Cosmo Canyon Store @ 2,700 Gil]

Chain-saw: [4L + 1U] /[Standard]

-[Wutai Store @ 6,300 Gil]

2U] /[Traditional]

-[Icicle Inn Store @ 12,000 Gil]

A-M Cannon range weapon [6L] /[Typical]

-[Model Store @ 18,000 Gil]

W Machine Gun range weapon [3U] /[Dual]

-[Mt. Corel, Junon (sneaks in Demise Device)] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 2000 Gil]

Arm: [4U] /[Dual]

-[Rocket City (Cid’s Household)] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 3,300 Gil]

Sturdy Bazooka range weapon [8L] /[Traditional]

-[Disc two: Costa del Sol Store @ 16,000 Gil]

Rocket Punch: [Not] -[Temple of this

Pile Banger: [6L] /[Whatever] -[Shinra Bldg 2f Store]

Max Ray range weapon [6L] /[Typical]

-[Midgar Sector 8 Underground]

Missing Score range weapon [8L] /[Whatever] -[Midgar Mako Cannon]

Restrict BREAKS:

1-Big Shot: None competitor

1-Mindblow: Reduce One Particular competitor’s MP

2-Grenade Bomb: Attacks all competitions

2-Hammerblow: Blows off 1 competition

3-Satellite Beam: Attacks all competitions

3-Ungarmax: Attacks all competitions

4-Catastrophe: Damages all competitions [North Corel (Widow)]




-[Original equipping]

Metal Knuckle: [2L] /[Typical]

-[Wall Current Market Store @ 320 Gil]

-[Calm, Decrease Junon Outlets @ 750 Gil]

-[Mythril Mine (slip from Madouge)] /[Higher Junon, Gongaga, (Disc 2: Lower Junon) Outlets @ 1,200 Gil]

-[Cosmo Canyon Store @ 2,500 Gil]

-[Wutai Store @ 5,800 Gil]

Dragon Claw: [4L + 2U] /[Typical]

-[Icicle Inn Store @ 10,000 Gil]

-[Model Store @ 16,000 Gil]

Motor Generate: [3U] /[Dual]

Platinum Fist: [4U] /[Dual]

-[Nibelheim (Tifa’s Household)] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 2,700 Gil]

-[Whirlwind Maze] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 15,000 Gil]

Operate Glove [Not] -[Temple of this

Powerful: Electrical Power upward when [Close departure] [4U] / /[Dual]

-[Mt. Nibel] / /[Disc 2: Lower Junon Shop @ 4,200 Gil]

Grasp Fist: Ability up if illness Alterations [6U] /[Regular]

-[Shinra Bldg 2f store]

God’s H: [4L] /[Typical]

-[Underwater Reactor (conquer Have Armor)]

Premium Coronary Heart: [8L] /[Whatever] -[Wall Current Market Item Retail Store (Disc two)]

Restrict BREAKS:

1-Beat Hurry: Strike a competition

1-Somersault: Strike a competition

2-Waterkick: Strike a competition

2-Meteodrive: Strike a competition

3-Dolphin Ignore: Strike a competition

3-Meteor Strike: Strike a competition

4-Final Heaven: Strike an opponent [Nibelheim (Tifa’s Household)]




Guard Adhere: [1U] /[Standard]

-[Original equipping]

Mythril Rod: [2L] /[Typical]

-[Wall Current Market Store @ 370 Gil]

Complete Metallic Employees: [2L + 1U] /[Standard]

-[Calm, Decrease Junon Outlets @ 800 Gil]

Remarkable Personnel: [2L + 2U] /[Typical]

-[Educate Graveyard (slip from Eligor), Gold Saucer Spot (slip from Harpy)] /[Higher Junon, Gongaga, (Disc 2: Lower Junon) Outlets @ 1,300 Gil]

Prism Workers: [4L] /[Typical]

-[Cosmo Canyon Store @ 2,600 Gil]

-[Wutai Store @ 5,800 Gil]

Wizard Workers: [3U] /[Dual]

-[Mt. Corel] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 1,800 Gil]

Wizer Staff: [4U] /[Dual]

-[Cave of the GI (conquer GI Nattak)] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 3,200 Gil]

Fairy Story: [7U] /[Typical]

-[Gongaga Jungle (conquer Reno)] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 2,500 Gil]

Umbrella [Not] -[Gold Saucer Rate Sq @ 5,000 Factors]

Princess Guard: Increases Ability for those who Require To shield the others neighboring [6L + 1U] /[Normal]

-[Temple of the ancients]

Restrict BREAKS:

1-Healing Breeze: Restores HP of all allies

1-Seal Evil: Constrains and then Halt the magical of Most competitions

2-Breath of this Planet Earth: Cures all status disorders of Most allies

2-Fury Brand Name: Enhancing celebration’s Limit judge into the maximal, Apart from yours

3-Planet Protector: Construction all of allies pitiful One-time

3-Pulse of all Lifestyle: Totally restores all allies

4-Great Gospel: Totally restores all of the allies, which makes them crappy one-time [Weapon Seller]



WEAPON: Head-dress

-[Original equipping] /[Decrease Junon Shop @ 800 Gil]

-[Mt. Corel (slip out of Bagnadrana)] /[Higher Junon, Gongaga, (Disc 2: Lower Junon) Outlets @ 1,300 Gil]

-[Cosmo Canyon Store @ 2,500 Gil]

-[Wutai Store @ 6,000 Gil]

-[Icicle Inn Store @ 11,000 Gil]

-[Model Store @ 17,000 Gil]

Magic Allergic: [3U] /[Dual]

-[Fort Condor Fight] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 2000 Gil]

And Barrette: [4U] /[Dual]

-[Mt. Nibel] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 3,500 Gil]

Centclip: [8U] /[Typical]

-[Disc two: Costa del Sol Store @ 14,000 Gil]

Hair Pin: [Not] -[Wutai (goods

Seraph Comb: Memento of dad [4U] /[Typical]

-[Cave of the GI]

Behemoth Horn: [6U] /[Typical]

-[Shinra Bldg Stairs (Disc two)]

Spring Gun String: [6L] /[Typical]

-[Historical Forest]

Little Moon: [8L] /[Whatever] -[Cosmo]

Restrict BREAKS:

1-Sled Fang: Assaults 1 competitor

1-Lunatic Substantial: Casts [Haste] and also increases “Protection percent” for many allies

2-Blood Fang: Assaults and drains your HP/MP out of 1 competition

2-Stardust Ray: Attacks all competitions

3-Howling Moon: Commences Combating exceptionally

3-Earth Rave: Attacks all competitions

4-Cosmo Performance: Attacks all competitions [Shinra Mansion (conquer Misplaced Range)]



WEAPON: megaphone

-[Initial Exceptions] /[Disc 2: Lower Junon Shop @ Five Hundred Gil]

Green M-phone: [4L] /[Typical]

-[Cosmo Canyon Store @ 2,400 Gil]

-[Wutai Store @ 5,500 Gil]

-[Icicle Inn Store @ 11,000 Gil]

Crystal M-phone: [6L] /[Typical]

-[Model Store @ 18,000 Gil]

White M-phone: [3U] /[Dual]

Black M-phone: [4U] /[Dual]

Silver M-phone: [8U] /[Typical]

Trumpet Shell [Not] -[Temple of this

Gold M-phone: [8L] /[Typical]

-[Disc two: Costa del Sol Store @ 15,000 Gil]

Fight: [6L] /[Whatever] -[Underwater Reactor]

Starlight Cellphone: [8L] /[Typical]

-[Midgar Sector 8 Underground]

H-P Shout: [8L]/[Whatever] -[Shinra Bldg 64f]

Restrict BREAKS:

1-Dice: Rolls the dice, harm 2-Slots: What Will Turn from Second…?

CID High-wind




Spear: [4L] /[Typical]

-[Wutai Store @ 6,500 Gil]

Trident: [6U] /[Typical]

-[Icicle Inn Store @ 13,000 Gil]

Viper Halberd: [4U] /[Dual]

-[Overlooked Metropolis] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 7,000 Gil]

Partisan: [6L] /[Typical]

-[Model Store @ 19,000 Gil]

-[Gaea’s Cliff]

Develop Lance: [6L] /[Typical]

-[Shinra Bldg 2f Store]

Mop [Not] -[Bone Village] /[Disc

Scimitar: [2L] /[Resistance]

-[Underwater Reactor]

Dragoon Lance: [8U] /[Typical]

-[Wutai DA-Chao Statue] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 6,200 Gil]

Flayer: [6U] /[Typical]

-[Gold Saucer Rate Sq (Disc 2) @ 5,000 Factors]

Character Lance: [4L] /[Typical]


Venus Gospel: [8L] /[Whatever] -[Rocket City (older guy out Product Store)]

Restrict BREAKS:

1-Boost Bound: Strike a competition

1-Dynamite: Attacks all competitions

2-Hyper Bound: Attacks all competitions, occasionally coping [Departure]

2-Dragon: Assaults and drains down the HP/MP out of 1 competitor

3-Dragon Dive: Gently strokes, occasionally coping [Departure]

3-Big Brawl: Attacks all competitions

4-Highwind: causes big harm to most competitions [Gelnika]



WEAPONS: blossom, Knife, boomerangs

Shuriken: Long range weapon [2L + 1U] /[Standard]

-[Preliminary equipping]

2U] /[Typical]

-[Junon Spot (slip from Formulation)] /[Higher Junon, Gongaga, (Disc 2: Lower Junon) Outlets @ 1,400 Gil]

Pinwheel range weapon [4L] /[Typical]

-[Cosmo Canyon Store @ 2,600 Gil]

Razor Theater: Very Long range weapon [4L + 1U] /[Standard]

-[Wutai Store @ 6,000 Gil]

2U] /[Traditional]

-[Icicle Inn Store @ 12,000 Gil]

Crystal Cross: [6L] /[Typical]

-[Model Store @ 18,000 Gil]

Wind Slash range weapon [3U] /[Dual]

-[Shinra Cargo Ship] / /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 2000 Gil]

Double Viper range weapon [4U] /[Dual]

-[Shinra Mansion] / /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 3,200 Gil]

6U] /[Traditional]

-[Disc two: Costa del Sol Store @ 14,000 Gil]

Superball: Long range weapon [Not] -[Fort Condor Fight] /[Disc 2: Lower Junon Shop @ 3,000 Gil]

Magic Shuriken range weapon [3U] /[Typical]

-[Wutai (Godo’s Household)] /[Disc 2: Lower Junon Shop @ 6,000 Gil]

Rising Sun range weapon [4L] /[Dual]

-[Midgar Spot (slip out of Diamond Weapon)]

-[Wutai DA-Chao Statue]

Conformer: [8L] /[Whatever] -[Gelnika]

Restrict BREAKS:

1-Greased Dragon: Assaults Competition with weapon afterwards cutting on them

1-Clear Tranquil: Restores HP of all allies

2-Landscaper: Attacks all competitions

2-Bloodfest: Gently strikes all competitions

3-Gauntlet: Attacks all competitions

3-Doom of those Living: Gently strikes enemies

4-All Generation: Attacks all competitions [Pagoda of the Five Mighty Gods (conquer Godo)]




2U] /[Typical]

-[Preliminary Exceptions] /[Disc 2: Lower Junon Shop @ 1000 Gil]

Shotgun range weapon [4L] /[Traditional]

-[Rocket City Store @ 3,100 Gil]

1U] /[Standard]

-[Wutai Store @ 6,400 Gil]

2U] /[Traditional]

-[Icicle Inn Store @ 12,000 Gil]

Winchester range weapon [6L] /[Typical]

-[Model Store @ 18,000 Gil]

1U] /[Dual]

-[Kalm] /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 3,500 Gil]

Buntline range weapon [4L] /[Dual]

-[Bone Village] / /[Disc two: Higher Junon Shop @ 6,800 Gil]

Long Plate R range weapon [8L] /[Traditional]

-[Disc two: Costa del Sol Store @ 13,000 Gil]

Silver Rifle: Long range weapon [Not]

Sniper CR range weapon [4L] /[Typical]

-[Mt. Nibel] / /[Disc 2: Lower Junon Shop @ 3,300 Gil]

Supershot ST range weapon [6L] /[Whatever] -[Historical Forest]

4U] /[Typical]


Passing Penalty ranges, weapon [8L] /[Whatever] -[Water Fall Cave (Disc 3)]

Restrict BREAKS:

1-Galian Beast: Turns into Galian Beast!

2-Death Gigas in to Departure Gigas!

3-Hellmasker in to Hellmask!

4-Chaos: Transforms Chaos! [Water Fall Cave (Disc 3)]