Dota Lod Ai Map

Dota Lod Ai Map

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The skill’s rules are just like for Poison Sting.

Bug fixes:

  • Illusions from personalities are morphed
  • Fixed errors occurring in -s5 or -s6
  • Fixed Essence Aura not when selected as an ability raising money pool
  • Fixed the players using just 8 personalities in -SD
  • Fixed interactions involving Grenada, Tidebringer along with Bounty Hunter’s Wind Walk
  • Fixed Grow! To begin growing out of your hero size
  • Fixed Grow! To slow your hero’s strikes and raise your size when Selected as an ability that was 6th
  • Fixed heroes getting all air buffs
  • Fixed Meepo being Not Able to acquire another passives and with some passives
  • Fixed Mana Break with no visual on units that are assaulted
  • Fixed being able to spells that were arbitrary from heroes You Don’t have in -SD or -MD Manners