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Dota 2 Couch

The Road into the Aegis. Team Liquid was among six invitations arriving in Seattle with expectations built upon results at events. Captained By a veteran who’s competed at The International annually, Liquid established themselves lost a string from the Group Stage. The Main stage would introduce a challenge, as Team Liquid stumbled in the hands of Invictus Gaming at the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals. dota 2 coach org

The Loss dropped them to the Lower Bracket and then establish a do-or-die streak through a series of six consecutive elimination collection, forcing Liquid to outlast a competitive Team Secret, send home an Empire squad which had uttered EG, also defeat a constant VP in one of their very extreme matchups of this championship. dota 2 turn off coach chat

Not Done Liquid’s following removal series saw them draft a few heroes to down LGD 2-0 and hit at a Lower Bracket Finals vs Group Bs strongest group — LFY. Despite losing a Game 1, Liquid held fast against LFY to get a series victory and a visit to the Grand Finals, where Upper Bracket champions newbie were waiting. There, Team Liquid would perform the Grand Finals sweep in The. couch.potato dota 2